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We live in Dubbo, Western N.S.W.

I have 3 beautiful daughters and a son.

While living in Broken Hill 2006, I brought my 1st show dog. A Bichon Frise called Elmo. What a lovley little man he was. I got to know some very lovely and helpful dog people. It was great to be around all these people that share the same love for their  dogs.

 Elmo almost obtained his Australian Champion title before he was diagnosed with a hereditary knee problem.  After Elmo's operation we found him a new and lovley family in Sydney . I know Flynn, Elmo's new owner loves him just as much as we did.... I spent many hours and tears learning how to groom and care for him. This was very devastating for Elmo and i was heart broken......I wasn't ready to get another Bichon Frise even though Elmo is greatly missed.




I already had Charlie our black labrador who is a very playfull, loving and loyal Labrador. She was a bit too old to start showing. A very helpful Labrador breeder, Pat Lukic (Lukesin Kennels,Monash)emailed me about a boy she had available. Jason agreed to buy Lockie for my birthday present and for me to show. We couldn't be happier with him. We have since had another addition to our Family and that is Molly.

So maybe this is were it's all starting.....

Our Kennel Prefix, Sarharadow has meaning behind it. Sarhara meaning name of a desert - Yellow.

 Dow meaning Black hair.

As a registered breeder my aim is to produce quailty, sound, well socialised, excellent temperaments, healthy pups that meet the  Breed Standard. Maybe produce some fine Australian Champions too. All our puppies are raised in our loving family environment.

All my Labradors are Hip and Elbow screened to help eliminate Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and DNA tested for PRA, EIC and CNM.

 Labradors are the perfect family pet








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